In the first week of december, the trainers of Hockeyclub Feijenoord went to the secondary school De Passie for hockeyclinics for different groups.

Thanks to the Field Hockey for Women project, an Erasmus+ project of the European Commission, boys and girls were given the first elements of this beautiful sport. This project aims to promote the female presence in a field hockey as a sport.

It addresses the European polices in the field of sport in that its main focus is to increase the female presence in a sport considered to be “masculine”, thereby addressing a very important European policy being gender equality between men and women.For a lot of students in this group, it was the first time they experienced playing hockey. 

The trainers of Hockeyclub Feijenoord gave the boys and girls the possibility to play hockey during schooltime. The youngsters who were enthousiastic about hockey were also given the possibility to experience more trainingsessions for free at the hockeyclub.