The fourth and final transnational trip in the Field Hockey for Women (FHfW) project took place in Rotterdam this  week, with representatives from S.S Lazio, Aalborg, HAŠK- Mladost and Feyenoord in attendance.

Multi Sports Feyenoord team provided the delegates with a presentation on the history of Feyenoord as well as the work being done in Rotterdam, including their social strategy for the coming years, charity work and focus on sports and health.  Subsequent to the presentation, the delegates were treated to a tour of the highly impressive Feyenoord Stadium, which included a tour of the stands, suites, pitch, changing rooms and press room. 

A trip was taken to the  Feyenoord Hub, a facility where young children attend after school activities which encompass sports with education and activities which  develop practical tools for life. The children are able to chose which sport, including hockey, they would like to play and actively participate in these sports at the facility. 

The delegates also attended at the Sporthal Nieuwe Persoonshal in Rotterdam South where children from De Passie Secondary School were involved in a hockey training session. It was great to see the children’s enthusiasm in taking part in the sport! 

In the final close off meeting held at the Sport Park Olympia, the manager of the Feyenoord hockey club, Paul Veldhuijzen, explained the clubs social engagement and how hockey is a part of the community. The delegation was fortunate enough to have the president of European Hockey Federation Marijke Fleuren in attendance who explained, amongst other things, the challenges in including more women in sport and she commended the delegation for holding projects like Field Hockey for Women. 

The European MultiSport Club Association wishes to thank all participating teams in this project for their active engagement, which resulted in a hugely successful project. This of course would not have been possible without the assistance of the European Commission. Thank you.