This week, Feyenoord was able to facilitate hockey clinics at the local highschool Zuiderpark College. For the majority of the first class students of the Zuiderpark College these clinics were an opportunity to practice a sport which was new for them. As a result of school strikes in Rotterdam, not every first class of the school was able to participate in the project this week. Within two weeks, those classes will enjoy hockey trainings by professional hockey coaches.

The gym teacher of the high school is enthusiastic about the opportunity of having hockey coaches around: “It is an enrichment for the students to follow a training organised by professional coaches of the local hockey club”. Although sports is an important aspect for the school, hockey is not common for the students. The school organises an extra curricular program called Skills, in which they can choose a specific subject on top of their regular schedule. The project Field Hockey for Women is of addition for the fact that it is not part already of the extra curricular program.

Thanks to the Field Hockey for Women project youngsters in Rotterdam-South that do not sport within a club were able to get in touch with the hockey club. Try-out practice sessions will be organised at the hockey club for children that are interested in joining the club.