Today the 1st October, the delegations from Lazio Hockey, Feyenoord and Aalborg joined HASK Mladost in Zagreb for the second transnational trip for Field Hockey for Women.

The representatives from Aalborg, Niels kristian Heijlesen and Henrik Schleppegrell Thomsen, Feyenoord Martjin Looren de Jong and Wessel Verhaar, Lazio, Gina Luzzato and Gabriella Bascelli met with the representatives of HASK Mladost Bojan Mijatovic, Dunja Bračun and Ines Jakopanec at the school Primary school O. Š. Ivan Mestrovic to see girls and boys from 10yrs old playing field hockey.

Following that wonderful experience and getting to know the children the partners moved on to a conference where all partners were honoured to be in the panel with the President of HASK Mladost Tomislav Druzak, the vice-President Josip Lucic and the Executive Director of the Croatian Hockey Federation, Slaven Zlatar. The partners were all able to share feedback about the project Field Hockey for Women and interact with audience through questions and answers.

A great start to the second transnational trip!