The Feyenoord Community Hub hosted a special collaboration between Feyenoord and International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). On and around the Afrikaanderplein numerous different clinics were organised for kids from the surrounding neighbourhood, whilst inside they could watch a movie and subsequently see the World Cup match of the Dutch Women’s team.


The purpose of the event was to encourage girls to exercise more. This was stimulated in the hockey- and soccer clinics that were supervised by Feyenoord trainers. The theme of the movie, which could be shown thanks to IFFR, elaborated on this. In the movie Bend it like Beckham a young girl pursues her soccer dream, despite the fact that her parents forbid her to do so. Girls that are playing for the Feyenoord Academy were questioned after the movie by the local kids on how to make their dreams come true.