Five years ago in co-operation with Professor Maja Horvatin from the University of Kinesiology in Zagreb, we started something new for the first time. This was to introduce girls to a new sport for the first year and to give them possibility to train and enjoy sport being able to enjoy it when they go to different city for sport.

We found out that a lot of girls stop training and playing most sports in their first year of school.

From the first generation in Hask Mladost we have 4 girls still playing for club and national team.

This year we started an Erasmus + project again, named Field Hockey for Women(FHfW) and presented this project at the University in April 2019 and were able to sign up 22 girls to the club.

It was quite simple, this is what we did:

We gave them possibility to train and play a beautiful sport for free with two training sessions per week for one year. In this period we look after the the girls and try our best to help them become passionate about the sport.  

On the 15th of June 2019 these girls played their first match and lost to HK Zelina 1:0 after 2 months of training but the important aspect was even though they lost, they had fun and enjoyed playing the match and want to carry on.

Our goal for the future is to have another 2 facilities in the next 4 years so we can have University competitions in Croatia and maybe, in the future, a big event like the Europe University Competition. This is possible and necessary in order to allow amateur players and less amateur to play sports at least two times a week keeping them healthy by living a  healthy life thanks to sports.