s KIF means from KIF. KIF is the acronym for Faculty of Kinesiology

As the idea of the project is both to promote and to stimulate the girls that are already practicing field hockey to carry on doing so the idea that came from our section is to try and recruit girls studying at the Faculty of Kinesiology.

The coaches form the field hockey club have found that girls who have previously been practicing some other sport and already have basic knowledge of sports are perfect candidates to join Field hockey even at the age of 18 or 19. There are a few girls from the Mladost Hockey team that have started practicing at that age and are now members of the national team.

The sport was promoted to all female first year students who were asked to join the club and practice for free. 23 girls responded to the initiative and 13 participated in the first practice.

The goal of the project is to continue with this practice in all the years to come and to get more and more girls in to the club which will help develop field hockey even further.

The connection was established using the project idea and the connection with prof. Goran Leko who is a member of the HAŠK Mladost Executive board and a professor at the Faculty of Kinesiology.

Prof. Leko also suggested that field hockey should become an elective course at the Faculty of Kinesiology, and it would be carried out in collaboration with the field hockey section of HAŠK Mladost. The coordination and cooperation to achieve this idea which will definitely serve the field hockey community have started and we hope that this course will be available form the next academic year.