What better way to celebrate Women’s Day, 8 March 2019, than spending the afternoon in the heart of Antique Rome at the Primary School, Armando Diaz in Piazza Lodi, Rome presenting our project Field Hockey for Women to students, athletes and their families. This project is co-funded by the European Commission and its aim is to promote the female presence in field hockey as a sport. It addresses the European polices in the field of sport in that its main focus is to increase the female presence in a sport considered to be “masculine”, thereby addressing a very important European policy being gender equality between men and women. At the meeting Roberto Brocco, President of Lazio Hockey, main applicant and Project Leader, and Gabriella Bascelli, Project Manager, announced that that in the transnational trips that will take place in the partner cities, Zagreb (HASK Mladost), Rotterdam (Feyenoord) and Copenhagen (Aalborg), three female athletes will be chosen (1 for each city) to accompany the project leaders and be able to benefit from the Erasmus program and have the opportunity to experience and learn how hockey is addressed in the partner countries.

The feedback of the presentation was positive and afterwards, the older girls played and taught the younger hockey players some skills as they proceeded to play against and with each other. The project closed with laughter and a good Italian aperitivo where the athletes, students and their families bonded.

We would like to extend a big thank you to the Municipality of Rome and the Scuola Primaria Armando Diaz, Piazza Lodi, for their warm welcome and exceptional hospitality. We would also like to thank Davide Pierangelini, Paola Luzzi, Tommaso Livoli and Maria Grazia Umbro.